Discover how “The Aleyos Guide To Godparents” gives you the exact steps to Know How To Choose The Right Godparent… so you can avoid Priests That Will Not Be A Good Fit For You…”

Here’s What Every New Person In The Orisha Traditions Needs To Know About Choosing A Godparent

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WARNING: If You Want To Find A Godparent To Guide You In Your Spiritual Journey – Read This Entire Letter Right Now

From Iya Omileti’s Desk

Charlotte, NC

RE: Your next godparent choice

Dear Brother or Sister,

It’s a FACT that having a godparent that isn’t a good fit is a challenge that plagues not only our aborishas, but our priests.

Did you know that there are many priests who are alone right now because they had a down and out with their godparent and they don’t want anything to do with our traditions?

Did you know that if you get spiritual things from a godparent and you go with another one… nine times out of ten… you will have to get those things again?  (When I was starting out, there were many godparent choices and I had no clue what I needed to know in order to make my choice.)

Do you want to choose the right godparent, but don’t know where to start? 

Or, do you know someone who has had a bad experience with the godparent that they chose?

Then this guide for brand new aleyos on how to pick a godparent is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Hi, I am Iya Omileti.  I am the founder of the Orisha Wisdom Community and The Orisha Wisdom Podcast

I have been in the Orisha Traditions 26+ years.  I was brought into it by my mother through tarot readers and then I met with a Santero and I fell in LOVE with the traditions!  

It took me more than 15 years to find my godmother, and I stumbled quite a bit,… (okay, I stumbled A LOT!) but the wait was worth it.  

I was initiated into the mysteries of Yemaya 9 years ago, and I continue to learn each day!  

How To Go Through The Process Of Finding Not Just A Godparent But The RIGHT Godparent 

I’ve got an amazing guide for brand new aleyos on how to pick a godparent, with video and audio. for you called “The Aleyos Guide to Godparents.”

It makes it easy for you to have confidence in having the tools for when a possible godparent choice shows up, so you can choose the right godparent.

If you’ve been worried about jumping into wrong priest’s hands, then this guide for brand new aleyos on how to pick a godparent is the answer you’ve been looking for.

How to get your hands on this?  Click on the button below and you can get access right now and we’ll get your journey started with The Aleyos Guide to Godparents immediately.

“The Aleyos Guide To Godparents”

I’m super excited to share this guide with you because it’s packed with value.

The Aleyos Guide To Godparents ($121 Value)

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New! Upfront and Candid! “The Aleyos Guide To Godparents” If You Apply Each Of These Highly Recommended Steps, they will help you to Choose The Right Godparent when the Right Time For You presents itself!


Helps You With The Tools To Know How To Pick A Godparent


Makes It Easy To Know What Questions To Ask When You Meet A Possible Godparent


Gives You The keys To How To Use Time To Your Advantage


Avoid Jumping In To The Hands Of The Wrong Priest For You


The Real SECRET To What To Look For When Getting To Know A Spiritual Family


Make A Sound And Grounded Choice


Answers the question "Is This A Good Godparent For Me?"


Discover How To Look For Red Flags That Will Negatively Impact My Relationship With This Priest


STOP Worrying About Choosing A Godparent Once And For All

At this point you might be asking… “Who is Iya Omileti and how can she help me choose a godparent?”

  • Have worked with the community guiding new folks


  • Continue to work with students of Aleyos 101 to get them ready to become aborishas


  • Went from scared and starry eyed in the religion, to someone more assertive


  • Avoided three godparents who weren’t good for me


  • Learned to deal with people who think that their traditions are better than mine


  • When you want to become a successful worshipper of Orisha, most of what you need is help, instruction, and encouragement from someone who has “been there and done that!” and continues helping new people have a great experience in the Orisha Traditions.

We are very excied that you have read this so far and we can definitely help you  make the right choice in these traditions, choose the right godparent, and avoid scammer priests in the Orisha Traditions!


Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Get With The “The Aleyos Guide to Godparents” A Guide To For Brand New Aleyos On How To Pick A Godparent.

 The Aleyos Guide to Godparents ($121 Value)

  • This A Video training holds the secret for you to understand the steps to choosing a godparent. Have the tools. Have confidence as you are meeting and ready to choose a godparent. 

 The Aleyos Guide to Godparents AUDIO ($47 Value)

  • This Audio of the training holds the secret to learn while on the go. Keep this on your phone and access it any time in the future. Access the information when you need it so that you can make a great godparent choice. 

 The Aleyos Guide to Godparents Checklist ($17 Value)

  • This checklist helps you to weigh the pros and cons of someone that you are considering with this important decision. Stay grounded when considering a priest to be your godparent. Determine if this is a good direction for you to go into. 

 Getting To Know You ($17 Value)

  • This questions checklist  is the shortcut for you to ask the right questions to someone that you are considering to be your godparent. Open the lines of communication. Determine if this is a good fit for the rest of your life. 

 Godparents Podcast Bonanza ($195 Value)

  • This location of all of The Orisha Wisdom Podcast episodes that talk about Godparents makes it simple to get perspective of what it takes to get a godparent. Listen to others questions and perspectives on landing the right godparent for you. Make a better decision because you have the right information and tools. 

Here’s Everything You Get Today

  • The Aleyos Guide to Godparents ($121 Value) 
  • The Aleyos Guide to Godparents AUDIO ($47 Value) 
  • The Aleyos Guide to Godparents Checklist ($17 Value) 
  • Getting To Know You ($17 Value) 
  • Godparents Podcast Bonanza ($195 Value) 

How Every New Person In The Orisha Traditions Can Choose The Right Godparent

 Total Value: $ 397

But today, you’re getting all of this…


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I feel more confident in pursuing my interest in the traditions.”



Good for the ones who are ready to get out there comfort zone.”



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